Who Can Join

Any Institution/Library interested in using DELNET resources for borrowing books from libraries, getting photocopies of articles and for research and reference, and willing to contribute records of its library holdings for resource sharing purposes among institutional members of DELNET can join as an institutional member of DELNET.

Membership Fee

DELNET at present has 8826 libraries as its members, of which 340 libraries are in Delhi, 8461 outside Delhi in 28 States and 6 Union Territories and 25 in overseas countries. Libraries interested in joining DELNET should apply on a prescribed form. The fees for membership are kept very low. At present the rates are as follows:

INDIA and Other SAARC Countries
Admission fee (one-time) Rs.5,000/- + 18% GST
Institutional Membership Fee (Mandatory) Rs.11,500/- + 18% GST per annum
For New Membership -- Amount to be Paid Rs. 16,500/- + 18% GST( Admission Fee + Institutional Membership Fee )
For Renewal of Membership -- Amount to be Paid Rs. 11,500/- + 18% GST
Non-SAARC Countries
Admission fee (one-time) U.S.$ 100/-
Institutional Membership Fee U.S.$ 500/-per annum
Photocopying/Courier/Postal Charges
ILL Online (for members in Delhi). Actual photocopying charges, if any, and courier/postal charges for books procured from outside Delhi will be extra.
ILL Online (for members outside Delhi) Actual photocopying charges, and courier charges will be extra
All Drafts/Cheque should be made in favour of DELNET, payable at New Delhi.